Make Nine in 2021

Crafty Intentions. 

I have loved sewing since I started to really make things about 5 years ago. But I am a woman with a strong procrastination habit combined with being easily distracted by new patterns, fabrics and well, computer games. 

This has led to a backlog of patterns I would love to sew, a stash that grows without shrinking, new purchases of other crafty tasks and a notebook and drafts folder of good intentions. 

A podcast I listen to, Cortex, made by YouTuber CGPGrey and podcaster Myke Hurley talks about not having resolutions but having yearly themes. Themes, they suggest, are more practical and useful than resolutions because they result in more holistic changes that you can make, and are more incremental in progress. CGPGrey has a good video on Themes which gives a good overview on what/why you would theme, or you can listen to Cortex most recent theme ep here (or look up Cortex on your preferred podcasting app and listen to the Yearly Theme) ep. 

This year, my theme is Direction (or the Year of Direction). I want to move through 2021 with the intention of doing things with purpose, with a commitment to moving forward with intention. This all sounds a bit woo I know, and it is for me too. Basically, a lot of things changed in 2020 and it has left me a bit lost, and 2021 is about being less lost. 

This includes sewing and crafting. I am forever full of good intentions, and very little follow-through. 

The Year of Direction is an attempt to right the ship a little. 

The big thing about themes over resolutions is that they’re less binding. More aware that things will fall away, I will not do things, and that when that does happen, that isn’t a reason to give up because you’ve failed that resolution (not that I have been a resolution absolutist anyway, but it does help). If I made a ‘standard’ resolution it might be to complete my Sew 9 or use all my stash before I buy more fabric. These are fine resolutions, but what happens when I don’t do it? When a new pattern comes out or when I realise to complete a 9 I need other fabric? With Direction, it means that if these things do happen, I haven’t failed if the decisions I made were in line with the theme, and I was intentional in the decisions. 

Direction has aims

My yearly theme does not mean that I do not have aims within it, but rather they are aims as opposed to resolutions or commitments. 

I have a Sew 9 (+) and a Craft 9 (ish), detailed below. I also want to blog, vlog, twitch stream and Instagram my makes in a way that separates my personal insta from my crafting insta. Not because I want to be a sewing influencer, or whatever, but because I really enjoy the community. I enjoy other peoples sewing blogs, vlogs and insta, and enjoy seeing a range of bodies wearing a range of makes and inspo and direction in my own crafting. I have the time, space and bandwidth to contribute, so I will. Documenting makes, reflecting on progress and alterations and sewing growth is an aim in The Year of Direction.  

Make Nines

2020 was the year of loungewear, I made two terry fleece jumpers during the Australian winter. I’ve never made pants, so the ones I wore were all RTW.  I rotated between leggings, jeggings, trackies and Uniqlo lounge pants in the cooler months, and PJ shorts and Tilly and the Buttons Picnic Blanket Skirt in the warmer months. I do hope to have a reason to wear something more structured this year. So items like that feature on my sewing aims. 

I am very susceptible to wanting to make what I see lots of other people make on Instagram! To a fault as it often means I end up buying patterns for things I already have a similar pattern for or making things that aren’t really my style/flattering on my body! I need to be more aware of this, and I think a lot of that comes from taking stock of patterns I have, the fabric I have and trying to find something in stash first, maybe (i will fail at this one). 

The Sewhouse 7 Toaster Sweater is a good example of this. I go back to it a lot, but I know that the neckline on it will annoy me, and I recently made the Simply Sewing Magazine Jodie Jumper which is similar enough, with a more me-friendly neckline, that I don’t need it. Even knowing and typing this I’ve put both the Ada Hoodie AND the Linden in my lounge makes?!  

I also like to support Indi pattern makers. Most patterns I buy and browse are from the Indi’s. I have a stash of Big 4 patterns, and I have probably sewn more Big 4 than indi, but, again, the influence of the online Sewing Community means I see and absorb more indi patterns than Big 4. 

I started the list below thinking that I wouldn’t have enough pieces for a Make Nine, but it turns out I do! I will not end up making all of these. Some are a pretty close match to each other, lots of the loungewear stuff is very similar! Other pieces, like the Pipit, are the aforementioned online-susceptibility talking. I’m not sure I will get to it! 

With that in mind, my totally-will-change Make (more than) Nine are: 

(I have linked directly to the pattern makers below, but they are available at other places, like The Foldline)

Lounge and comfort Makes:

In addition to apparel sewing, i also want to complete some home storage bins. I have the yardage and interfacing ready to go, but completing my christmas quilt occupied most of my sewing bandwidth in December instead.

The current plans are:


In addition to sewing, i also have other crafting plans. I have several cross stiches to finish and two knitting projects i want to get back to. Keep your eye out for those


I love to bake, and hope to include more of that content here, and on Instragram. I probably won’t be making YouTube videos or Twitch streaming them, but Blogging and Instagramming: Yes.

I want to attempt a whole season of Bake Off Technicals and improve my pastry making skills, as well as the bread baking I already do.

It is a lot. I will not complete all of these, but it has to start somewhere. It has to start with Direction

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